We are a leading Ship management company that work with first class suppliers and service providers for the smooth running of ships on global trades. With world class in-house technical managers with years of experience in shipping; our teams oversee the diligent maintenance and day-to-day running of ships while ensuring adherence to Global regulatory parameters. This includes International Safety Management Code (ISM), Port State control, Flag State and Classification Society rules.

We understand that ship management goes hand in hand with world class crews. Which is why we place the greatest possible emphasis on selecting, training and retaining high-caliber seafarers for our ships. Our commitment and dedication to efficiently run vessels adhering to all safety and maritime regulations is complemented with the credentials and loyalty of our carefully selected seafarers.

Crew Management

Careful selection of highly skilled crew with an emphasis on adherence to all maritime and safety regulations.

Ship Management

Efficient and economical day-to-day running of ships to ensure hassle-free Global trade.

Technical Services

Backed by experienced Technical officers and managers that guide and support 24/7 running of ships.